Why work with a dietician?

There are many reasons for a consultation with me, your dietician. You may be leading stubborn overweight that is negatively impacting your life. Perhaps you have been diagnosed with an illness that requires a very specific diet. Or your diet suffers from irregular working hours.

We can discuss all of these concerns and many more. A balanced diet is a cornerstone of a healthy life. I am happy to support you in this.

In the following cases, the costs are usually covered by the health insurance. If in doubt, ask your provider.


including all kinds of variation of malnutrition

Nutrition for obesity

as well as overweight, gastric bypass or diabetes

Stop smoking

... and working irregular hours


and other rheumatic diseases


sowie Diarrhö, Intoleranzen und Reizdarmsyndrom


as well as diarrhoea, intolerances and irritable bowel syndrome

How it works


Counselling on the basis of a medical prescription

In many cases, 6-12 consultations take place on the basis of a doctor's prescription. In this case, your health insurance will cover the costs of the dietician.


Self-pay counselling without a medical prescription

Without a prescription from a doctor, you are still welcome. However, you will have to pay the costs of the consultation yourself. If in doubt, ask your family doctor and / or your health insurance company.

First consultation: CHF 150
Follow-up consultations: CHF 120 - 150 (depending on length and preparation time)


Please note that agreed appointments must be cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise I will have to charge for them. Thank you for your understanding.