About me


„My consultations are tailored to each patient and lifestyle.
I take time to listen so that together we can find a programme that is tailored to your everyday life and leads to long-term improvement..“

Sandra Rüegsegger-Tanner

I am a trained baker and pastry chef. After a one-year stay in the USA and a year in gastronomy, the topic of nutrition was not yet "eaten" for me. So I started training to become a certified dietician SVDE and successfully completed it. With internships and my work in various hospitals, I then continued my education.

Nutrition is always changing, new trends come and go. In order to keep up with these, I am obliged, as a certified nutritionist SVDE, to continue my education. For you as a patient, this means that you will not hear truisms, but recommendations based on facts! I am independent and do not sell any products.

I settled in Geneva 16 years ago because of love. Here I run a practice specialising in children's nutrition and another where I advise both adults and children.

The challenge of cooking balanced meals for several people with different preferences is something I experience every day in our family of five. It means improvising, being creative and also making compromises.
Cooking is a great hobby of mine, where seasonality, local products and enjoyment play the main role.
That's why I can speak from experience in my consultations: I combine theory and practice with my patients and can offer help for self-help.
The consultations fit exactly to the current life situation of the patients and are individually tailored. My goal is to work out long-term and successful solutions for you and with you.